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605-274-3535 • sales@soundzinstall.com




Custom Installation • Custom Motorcycles

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We have what the ‘other guys’ do not, EXPERIENCE working with industry manufacturers and engineers to design the BEST stereo system for your motorcycle, car, truck, or boat!

Do not be fooled by “specific” bolt in products that do not perform, or by “brands” that you used in the ’80s!

This is TODAY, not the ’80s & ’90s and what worked then on cars, does NOT always work in your application today!

Our audio systems outperform our competitors at every pricepoint and sometimes with even HALF the speakers & rated power!

Stop by our showroom to hear a demo or call us today and find out why we are not only the local Sioux Falls, SD but National LEADER in audio & accessories!


Soundz Customz only offers specialized custom installation of sound systems for your motorcycle, UTV, or boat.

Beyond sound systems, we specialize in custom installs for your Harley bike from raking the frame for a bigger wheel to turbos and just about everything in between including led lighting, bags, handlebars, fairings and many other custom add-ons. 

From complete custom builds to the loudest, cleanest audio, we are your one stop shop for all your motorcycle upgrade needs!

• 21″, 23″, 26″, 30″, 32″ Front Wheel Conversions
• Full Custom Bagger Builds
• Fairing Mounted Amps & Speakers
• Saddlebag Audio Lids
• Custom Wheels 16″-32″
• Extended Saddlebags
• Stretched Fenders
• Stretched Tanks
• Windshields
• LED’s
• Trike Kits
• CVO model plug & play wire harness
• Motorcycle Universal Amplified Wire Harness Install kit

Attending one of the motorcycle events and want to schedule an appointment?  Email sales@soundzinstall.com or call 605-274-3535!


Nationally recognized installers on staff!

Sales, installation and customer support at major motocycle events.

The loudest, cleanest audio for all your power sports audio upgrade needs!